April 2018

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You can feel it- spring is coming. Energy is rising. Hope is here. Yes-even my kitchen remodel which we started in January is coming to fruition! HOPE springs! Some of you might be feeling the surge of energy as too much pressure, too many thoughts, feelings, too many plans, running in too many different directions. If this is true for you, think of what plants do: They root down in order to shoot up. It is important to do your grounding work, tend to your soil, nourish yourself with nutrients needed- then shoot up! Take your ideas into actions! Make things! Create! This is the energy of spring! This is exactly the work that Lisa Levine and I will bring to you on April 21st at the Riveter in Seattle! We have an entire spring basket of fun goodies and tools to share with you, including some cooking lessons and LUNCH (our secret superpower is teaching people that healthy food can be easy and delicious!). Come play with us, and learn how to root down in order to grow! REGISTER HERE