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Yes, THIS! Women's Wellness Retreat

  • North Fork 53 77282 Oregon 53 Nehalem, OR, 97131 United States (map)

This retreat is not simply about teaching you more self-care techniques that you can later feel guilty about not doing.

This is about getting to actually experience what wellness actually feels like for you, and then helping you create a roadmap so you can go there whenever you choose.

At our Yes, THIS! Women's Retreat you can look forward to:

  • Group coaching: life, nutrition, wellness

  • Tools for things like staying present, getting out of overwhelm and visioning for the future

  • 6 delicious meals prepared especially for you

  • Kitchen hacks and cooking tips

  • Mindfulness & Meditation practices

  • Saunas and foot massage techniques with Essential Oils

  • TRE© (Trauma/Tension Release Exercises), reflexology and restorative yoga poses

  • Total relaxation, growth & renewal

With Yes, THIS! you get the unique combination of our different trainings as well as our crazy passion for all things healthy living, food and joy related. We have been through struggles and wins with our own health, fertility, menopause, marriages, relationships, friendships and life in general and have made it our business (literally!) to help other women as they find their way through these things as well. We love this sh*t so much that we are brimming with excitement to share what we know with you.

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Dr. Louise Rose is a Naturopathic Physician, former chef, and Neuroplastician (she helps people get out of stuck neural-grooves and stimulates new brain connections). She believes in the profound healing power of nature- particularly the therapeutic action of water, plants and light. Working with patients at Rose Cabinet Medicine in Portland, Oregon, she helps people reconnect with their inner vitality, increase their energy and become more emotionally resilient.

Lisa Levine of Audacious Health & Wellness in Seattle is a Health Coach and Martha Beck trained Life Coach. She connects with people in a way that is a combo-plate of straight forward, empathetic and smart-ass. She uses (and will teach you) tools that can help you to recognize and question your limiting beliefs, trust your "gut" instincts and simply remind you to get out of your own way and be present in your life. At the Institute for Integrative Nutrition she studied over 100 dietary theories and learned numerous strategies for helping her clients create new habits and lifestyle changes. She is passionate about empowering women to live their best lives by teaching them how to eat better, think better and feel better.

Lisa and Louise met 20+ years ago in the middle of a hot Seattle summer. Lisa was transfixed by Louise's easy going manner and the way she prepared a huge meal from soup to nuts entirely sourced from her garden while being 8 months pregnant. She developed an instant girl-crush and decided right then that they needed to be friends. Cut to a few decades later and they continue to inspire each other with their mutual loves of all things nourishment and health related.

Come bask in the community we have been cultivating for years! We know how to be authentic, have fun, and we love to share our passions and interests. Plus we can cook the hell out of whatever life throws  at us!

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