I sought Dr. Rose’s help because my migraines were increasing in severity and frequency. Her treatment course has changed my life and significantly reduced a problem I have had for over 25 years. I no longer live in fear of the next migraine.
— Kristin F

Thank you for the gout info and for the excellent experience over the last month. I feel so much better and learned so much. I would love to take your cleanse session again. The extra support and information you gave us made it much easier than doing it alone. I also appreciated you acceptance of our “humanness”. It was truly an enjoyable experience and I want to continue with the diet as best as I can.
— Elissa

Dr louise is a skilled and compassionate physician. Her neurofeedback and cranial sacral work is an effective and relaxing treatment for head trauma, learning difficulties and stress reduction. Don’t miss the opportunity to benefit from her healing touch.
— Annette S.

I simply can’t remember the last time I felt so cared for. Brought tears to my eyes. You are a gift. I hope you know that. Thank you.
— Sandy

The opportunity to take part in Rose Cabinet Medicine’s 21-day cleansing and detox program arrived at a moment in my life when I was most in need of renewal—mind, body, & spirit.

I gave myself permission to say “yes” to myself...and to say “no” to some of the external and extraneous demands. I began the program feeling spent. At day 21, I arrived with a new sense of peace and well-being. My mind had space for quiet and stillness; my body more easily settled into a place of peace and comfort; my spirit lit up the from inside out.

While life still happened during those 21 days, I found a greater capacity to cope with the challenges; the lessons learned and the renewal experienced have lasted me through a season.

Thank you Dr. Rose!
— Sharon C

Shortly after I moved to Portland I met Dr. Louise Rose. I was caregiving for my terminally ill mother. My first in person introduction to Louise was when she made a house call to help treat mom right before she died.

I was immediately impressed by her ability to put others at ease and her open heartedness. She effortlessly emanates these qualities. She can’t help it. It’s part of her ‘Louiseness’. Following mom’s death, I became Louise’s patient. Since this time I have learned what it means to be a true healer through her example.

She has set the standard for my future expectations in natural medical care. She treats the whole person and sees her patients as people, not simply their medical condition. There is no compartmentalizing in her care.

Louise has been a beacon of light for me. She has not only provided top of the line medical care, but true human caring. It has been through her ability to be fully present, accepting and nonjudgmental that I have never felt the need to filter a moment of our time together, as I fully trust her. I have no idea how I would have stayed standing the last couple years without her in my life. Really.

I am not certain I can capture the healing impact she has had on my life and being. I will never forget her example of what true healing looks like. Louise is one of those rare people who make the word ‘love’ a verb. If you are in need of a naturopath in the Portland area, there is no one else I would recommend more highly than Louise.