A valuable tool for everyone’s self-care regimen, TRE (Tension, Stress, and Trauma Release Exercises) accesses the body’s natural ability to release harmful, deeply-held muscular tension created by trauma and chronic stress. Ongoing stress contributes to a wide range of health issues: anxiety disorders, depression, digestive problems, body aches, insomnia, and a debilitated immune system. TRE is a proven, safe and gentle restorative technique that anyone can do, most anywhere.

All trauma – emotional, physiological, or psychological – and chronic stress are inevitably stored in the physical body. Our nervous system is designed to literally shake off the muscular tension and return the body to a relaxed, balanced state. Dogs and young children do this naturally, but older humans have learned to suppress the shaking reflex. Without release, muscular tension remains stored in the body for days, months or decades, generating more physical pain and physiological disorders over time.

Once properly learned, TRE is a simple, effective practice that can be used throughout your life to support your physiological well-being. As a certified TRE trainer, Dr. Rose will teach you the basic exercises, modifying them, if necessary, to suit any specific needs or physical restrictions you may have, to insure that you reap the optimal benefits of TRE.

Whether you’re in recovery from PTSD or simply looking for ways to feel calmer and more resilient in coping with daily stress, TRE can provide you immediate and lifelong benefits.